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Learn more About UsA true value for your diamond!

People from all over the world send their diamonds to the EDL Laboratory for grading and analysis. Our clients put their business in our hands and their trust in our expertise – and we are extremely careful with both.

An essential guide to Diamonds

Diamonds have, for ages, been an essential object required to woo a girl. From the dynasties of the Maharajas of Baroda to the Queens of England, to the charm of Hollywood personalities, diamonds have always shown a flair to excite, enthral, admire and beautify.

Over the years, expert cutters and technology has made it possible to “get the best out of” the rough diamonds and these days diamonds are polished in a variety of shapes, and colours.

Diamond Education

Diamond Education

The cut appearance and quality of an individual diamond is determined by the interrelationship or all its proportion, not on any single proportion.